Finding the Best Teeth Whitening System

I like tea. My favorite is the stronger British blend of black tea. I like the orange pekoe and black blends too. However, my teeth do not like it. I have an iced tea container that is plastic. The drink stains the plastic so bad that I cannot even scrub off those spots that look rusty with stains. Now my teeth are even more porous than that plastic picture. Since I cannot scrub away the stains, I looked for the best teeth whitening system that I could use to keep my pearly whites shining.

I wanted something that would not damage my teeth or make them sensitive. I already had to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I did not want to give up my favorite beverage I have been drinking it since I was a child. I used to drink it with sugar and then artificial sweetener when I got older. Now I just drink it without any sort of sweetener. I just like the taste of it. Though my habits for drinking it changed over the years, the staining it caused on my teeth did not. Plus, the stains were getting more apparent as I got older.

My teeth were in good shape, but they just needed a regular whitening regimen to keep them looking their best. There are a lot of other favorites of mine that also stain my teeth. I like fresh blueberries and blackberries. Those can really cause some serious staining. The stains are not damaging to my teeth, but they are unsightly. And the one thing everyone notices is a nice bright or even stained smile. I want to keep mine bright as long as possible but still be able to enjoy the foods and beverages I like.

I do not smoke or drink wine. However, I can definitely see folks who do needing to use the best teeth whitening they can find too. It would be tougher for them to keep their teeth shiny white.

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