I Couldn’t Go to a Regular Doctor for Any Help

I was one of those women who planned out an entire wedding, marriage and life in general out when I was young. But because I was so young, I really didn’t think about the fact that a life as an adult is not perfectly magical. I chuckled to myself last week when I visited my Orland Park chiropractor for some pain that I was going through with my second pregnancy. I had already learned with my first child that pregnancy can bring on all sorts of aches and pains, but the second time around was even worse. Help was necessary or I don’t know how I would have made it through the entire nine months without even more stress.

I am pretty petite. I am five feet call to be exact, and I have a very small frame. My doctor had told me early on that I may have a tough pregnancy because of those two things. He had even told me that I may have to give birth via Cesarean and that I should do all that I could to take care of myself to try to stave off any troubles. I tried my best. But I have to work. I don’t have time to sit around relaxing, getting spa treatments or doing all the gentle workouts they say you should do to strengthen your body. It wasn’t any surprise when my back started hurting in my 7th month. But it was worse this time, and I was totally unable to function daily.

I already knew that seeing my doctor would be no help. They prescribe medications for pain. I could not take anything like that because it could harm my child. But I did know that chiropractors can help pregnant women without any medications needed at all. I went to one who specializes in women that have troubles like I did.

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