I Needed to Be More Sensitive to My Body’s Needs

I lost one of my clients, which cut out about 25 percent of my weekly pay. I just don’t have enough money saved to act as if that won’t affect how I pay bills, so I had to double my hours. I quickly found myself working 15 hours a day while sitting in the same chair for almost all of that time. After two months and 7 days every week of this, I found myself in the office of a chiropractor in bakersfield ca soon after. I would have thought my body would have been able to handle it better, but it wasn’t able to. I needed a way to fix that because I had not been able to handle another new client to give me the luxury of working a little bit less.

I’ve always been a hard worker. Other people like to go home and relax at night, but I have things to accomplish before it’s too late. There will be time for relaxing later on in life when I have things more under control. That time is not now. It can push me pretty far, but I keep pushing back and I continue on no matter what. But when the back and neck pain hit, I didn’t have that ability. I tried laying down and working with my laptop, but the pain was even worse. It was frustrating. I needed to see someone who could help me sort this problem out before I fell behind on all my bills.

The chiropractor told me that he could help with my stress levels, but that I needed to take some breaks at times. He said that if I didn’t I was going to find myself in trouble mentally. I believed him when he said that and started to take more breaks.

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