I Opted to Not Use Pain Pills

I love to jog, so I was pretty bummed out when I fell and hurt my back not long ago. I tried jogging slower, but the pain was just too great. I knew that I needed to do something about it, because I didn’t want to leave it untreated. My regular doctor just wanted me to give it time, and he even offered me prescription pain killers to deal with the pain. I knew immediately that I was not going to go down that road. That is how I ended up seeing a Petaluma chiropractor instead.

I had researched back injuries from falls online, and an overwhelming majority of the articles that I looked at recommended chiropractic care. I had never seen this kind of doctor before. If he was able to get me back on the jogging trail though, I was willing to show up and do what was expected of me.

The first appointment was rather surprising to me. I was not sure exactly what I had expected but it was not anything I could have imagined. It was very casual, and there was also a lot of explanations given. I am used to going into a doctor’s office and being spoken at rather than to, so this was a nice experience.

He did an examination on me, and then he told me that things did look shaken up a bit, but that he would be able to help me through a series of manipulations. I had my first one that same appointment, and I honestly felt so much better just after that first one. I had to have six altogether, and I am now back on the jogging trails. I am so glad that I did not touch a single pain pill, because chances are I would still be on them!

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