I Tried Something I’d Never Tried Before That Works Really Well

It was frustrating to see that my stress levels had finally reached the point of me being stressed and anxious almost always. For many decades, I handle issues like a pro. Things would upset me for awhile, but I always returned to my usual calm state afterward. Then, things piled up so much that my body seemed to be on alert and unhappy almost always. Doctors were of little help, but a Chicago acupuncture session did. It feels wonderful to feel like my old self again.

I grew up in a family that was very dysfunctial and there always seemed to be a variety of different types of turmoil going on at any given time. Despite that, I was young and could handle it for the most part. It did leave behind some residual issues that I carried throughout life, but nothing drastic. Other life issues cropped up here and there when I became and adult, and like I said, I bounced back over time. Finally, too many things piled up and I was unable to climb the hill and beat down the anxiety they brought on. I felt like a robot just moving through things with no emotion until a problem cropped up and then I would becom e so anxious I could barely make it through a work day. Some days, I wouldn’t even get out of bed and had to call in sick. I spent many weekend days in bed the entire time. I felt like I was failing.

My best friend is a great person, and she is the one that really turned me on to acupuncture. I asked her what the tiny needles feel like when they’re used on you, and she said that you barely feel anything from the needle insertion. But she went on to say that you will feel an amazing release from stress from each insertion. I found that her assessment was very spot on after the very first time I had it done.

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