I Was Tired of Pain, So I Got Help

I remember people talking about a particular Phoenix chiropractor when I was a kid. He did wonders on so many of his patients. Not only that, but I used to hear a lot about chiropractors in general back then. I guess I don’t hang around with the type of people who know how helpful they can be, because I made friends with a woman at work that told me that she goes to see one. She told me that I should go get some help for my constant headaches and back problems. Why didn’t I think of that on my own? It was a brilliant idea and one that I followed up with right away.

During my really helpful appointment, I learned that I really needed to have some ergonomic office equipment at work and at home. The chiropractor told me that I was sitting in a bad position every day. First, my chair was too high up from the ground, so my feet did not even touch the floor. Part o fthis is because I am really short. This is also because the chair was just too high. Also, the arms on my office chairs at home and work had arms on them, and I was using them to rest my elbows on and slumping forward every day for hours on end. I also needed a keyboard tray so that my hands would rest properly while I type. I do data entry, so I type around 8 or more hours every day.

After the talk about all of the office equipment, I also learned that I should come in for weekly chiropractic treatments until the pain went away. Well, by the second appointment, I was already feeling so much better. The treatments that I was getting were working! This was really nice because I no longer had to call in sick because I was laying in bed in so much pain on too many days.

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