Lawyers Helped when My Shady Company Tried to Blame Me

I was surprised to learn that I would need a Sacramento personal injury attorney to make a company do the right thing. I had been hurt on the job, and they wanted to pretend that one of their shelves falling on me while I was working was not the source of my trouble. Instead, they tried to say that they didn’t know what type of injuries I had before the shelf incident and that I could not prove that something in their building hurt me. One of my bosses went as far as stating that he felt I had been waiting to try to blame them for my health issues. The funny thing is that I had no health troubles prior to what happened. I was disappointed and needed help.

I had been working with this company for at least 10 years. I had been a good employee for them, often putting in much more work than I was asked to do. I really should have expected them to act the way they did because I had seen them treat other employees unfairly about a variety of things. But because I was moving up in the ranks and got good feedback scores each year, I thought I would be immune from them being unkind to me. I mistakenly justified their treatment of other employees by telling myself that othre employees must not be good workers.

I ended up having to pay for a lot of medical bills on my own since the health insurance that I got through my company had a high deductible. When I began to miss work at times because of pain, my boss threatened to fire me. It was unbelievable that they were acting like this toward me. They saw how much pain I was in while laying flat on my back with a six foot long, metal shelf on my back. The attorney took them to task and we won my case.

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