My Mom Can Go Golfing Again After Seeing My San Diego Chiropractor

Here was my mother’s vocabulary getting up from a chair, “Ouch, ouch ouch. My that hurts. My, my that hurts.” It was even worse for her to sit back down after standing for a while. She had been to her medical doctor, an orthopedist and even to talk to a surgeon. I finally convinced her to see my San Diego chiropractor, and that is when she started to improve. The doctor explained that her weak back muscles were contributing to her pain. It was explained to her that she needed to exercise to get stronger, but she needed the proper therapy to not injure herself further. Then she had her first spinal adjustment.

She walked out feeling a whole lot better. The doctor told her that her back was going to start to hurt again. It was explained to her how she needed to have the adjustments for the pain relief and for aligning her back properly, but that it would be the exercises that would give her the long term relief she was looking for. Unlike me, she did her exercises exactly like the doctor told her to do them. She did not skip any sessions of exercise, and she progressed rather quickly. She went in a couple of months from having chronic back pain for years to starting to swim and play golf again.

Her back hurt her a little at times, but it was a huge improvement over what it used to be. She was no longer the sedentary person she had become because of back pain. Now she was active, and the only soreness she had was what you would consider normal for overdoing things. I was amazed at the change in her. We played 18 holes of golf together last week. She has not been able to do that in years.

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