Taking Action Helped Me to Feel Better

I found myself stumbling to my computer one morning to begin looking for the phone number of a chiropractor in University Place WA who might see me for an appointment as soon as possible. I had been frozen in place almost all night because moving around in bed to try to find a comfortable position because of my bad back, and I was tired and frustrated. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get an appointment anywhere for at least a couple of days, but the second place that I called said that I could come in that morning since someone else had canceled. I was pretty grateful.

That morning, I found myself walking very, very slowly to the shower. I had hoped that a really hot shower might help my back some. But while I was in the shower, the water felt good, but didn’t cause my troubles to change for the better. But I knew that. I had done this many times before and hadn’t had any luck. Hope is what had been keeping me in denial about how bad things were. I needed to be someone who takes action, and I knew it. I have no idea why I try to put things off. It was time to stop that and get better.

The chiropractor sat down with me and came up with a plan to become more healthy. He told me that I needed to lose about 45 pounds so that I could take some of the pressure off my back. He gave me a back adjustment that day that felt wonderful. He also worked out a very relaxing stretching program that he wanted me to follow at home. He said that would help strengthen my muscles in my back so that it would hurt less, and of course, he was correct.

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