We Get Help to Keep Up with Our Child’s Energy Levels

When my doctor told me that I was pregnant, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I had tried to get pregnant for over a decade with no luck. I was 46 when I learned I was with child, so it was a shocker all around. But now that my son is 5 years old, and I am 51, having fun with him can really take a toll on me. It was a Redding chiropractor who helped me recently get better because of this aging body and keeping up with my child.

The night that I told my husband that I was pregnant, I made sure to have him sit down at a moment when he did not have anything else on his mind to do. I knew how big of a deal it was to me when I found out, and I knew that it would blow him away, too. He is a very emotional guy, and I knew that telling about how our life was going to change for the next 18 years was going to bring out some major emotions in him. He had always wanted a child, and he had given up hoping. We love each other very much and decided that we would never want to leave one another just because we can’t have a child together. Just as I thought, the news was a major deal to him. He hugged me, danced, clapped, cheered in glee and so much more.

My husband is even older than I am, so we knew that we might have a tough time keeping up with a baby on many late nights, chasing after a toddler, and then dealing with all the physical activity of a child who would soon be 5 or 6 in such a short time. We have done the best that we can, and we both often make a trip to see our chiropractor for help.

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