Working As an Intern at an Agency

I am just the art guy’s intern. I am learning how they set up the ads, what you would call framing the ad. For instance the ad iwill have a caption, something like super argan oil for hair and skin. That is the message you are trying to convey, it tells you what you are selling and why you should pay for the stuff. Then you need to get the buyer’s attention and that is not so easy, obviously an American consumer sees and ignores thousands of ads in any given day. They are going to ignore just about anything that is like every other ad they have seen and it is pretty difficult to come up with some new idea. You cater the imagery for the audience that you are targeting.

If you are selling something to a man you get a pretty girl to help you out. Obviously you have seen the calendars, like for example they have the Ridgid calendar where you have beautiful girls who are trying to sell you plumbing tools and machinery. The beautiful girl has basically nothing to do with the product, but most plumbers are going to be interested in bikini models. They want to do more than look at their pictures and probably are not really thinking about the threading machine you want them to see in the picture. You have to balance these sorts of tricks with the message obviously. If it is just a waste of time if you do not manage to slide your message through while they are looking at the girl and thinking about her. You have to grab their attention and then you have to keep it long enough to get them to think about what you want them to think about and not just the girl.

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