You Can Get Relief and Get Better from Most Things That Cause Chronic Back Pain

I had enough of pain in my back. I would go to the doctor and they would do tests. I have had x-rays, MRIs, nerve conduction tests and you name it. My back shows that I have some degeneration of the discs. My mom had it too. What I would not face was the part I had in my own pain. That is until I chose a chiropractor in Alexandria who helped me see my role in the cause of my own pain, and then went a step further to show me what I could do to fix my own pain.

Fortunately, for me, I was adamant about not having back surgery. I had a surgeon tell me he could operate. I looked at the real numbers of what my chances of living pain free after the surgery would be. They were not very good! Sure, they will operate, but that is not a guaranteed fix. My mindset is to go to surgery as a last resort not a first thing to do. I finally had to admit that I was partly to blame for my problems that got me to this point. I could not just blame genetics passed down from my mom.

I did not eat right and I did not exercise. I even smoked. I drank enough soda throughout the day to make up in sales for all those people who don’t drink it. The phosphoric acid overload was not helping me at all. The doctor told me that I could get some temporary relief with chiropractic manipulations, but that I needed to take advantage of the pain free and reduced pain times to exercise to build up muscles. He told me that losing weight would make a huge difference. He was right. I got immediate relief, and set out to quit smoking, eat better and get moving. Two years later and I am up and down stairs, and I can get up and down off of the floor like I could in my twenties. You can get relief and get better.

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